Djia2 rotor shaft a2

Djia2 rotor shaft a2
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Frame parameters:
- Center plate: 340MM Machine arm length: 403MM, wheelbase 1147MM
- Suitable for DJIA Da Jiang, Long Yu, Hengli, flying over brushless motors, suitable for 15-inch carbon fiber paddle
- Metal folding head, large Xinjiang original S1000 rotating buckle, 2MM 3K carbon fiber plate bottom, 1.5MM 3K carbon fiber on the board, the arm has 5-8 degrees on the angle.
- Motor base is divided into: metal motor seat and carbon fiber motor base
- Pendant for DJI series PTZ head, including Z15, 5D2, GH3 PTZ
- Large width battery plate, the battery can be placed on the battery mounting plate, will not touch the rack under the board (many racks must be placed below), support format 10000MAH, 12000MAH, 16000MAH, 22000MAH battery
- battery fixed plate above the open slot for DJI large Xinjiang battery strap, suitable for format battery strap (a lot of open battery slot is too narrow, too small to wear the battery strap is not the last)
- Electric retractable landing gear
Advantages of Landing Gear:
1, with a self-locking function
      Without the steering gear can be used as a fixed landing gear, no matter how much impact when landing, the landing gear will not be closed up, the greater the protection of the safety of the aircraft. After the installation of the steering gear is a retractable landing gear, can freely retractable.
2, integrated design, high strength
        The landing gear on the use of integrated design, greatly enhance the landing gear strength, enhanced by the force of the dispersion.
3, double fixed, fixed more secure, more secure, versatile
        The landing gear can be used three screws directly fixed, you can also use a 12MM carbon fiber tube fixed, versatility is very strong, suitable for all models, as long as your plane has a flat floor, you can fix.
4, light weight, swing resistance is small, not easy to damage the steering gear
      Unique design style to reduce weight, high strength design for the concept, the weight of the landing gear is far lighter than many brands of landing gears, each active parts are equipped with copper sets, greatly reducing the friction when the rotation , Reducing the load of the steering gear, innovative design of the self-locking function, so that the gear does not swing when the steering gear can not work, greatly reducing the steering gear damage probability.
5, consistency, good symmetry, beautiful atmosphere, aerial weapon
      A lot of landing gears on the market arrangement is very messy, a steering gear loaded in front, a steering gear loaded in the back, there is no consistency, no symmetry, the landing gear of the shop are unified in the back, steering gear outlet is also unified Is toward the outside, the consistency is very good, symmetry is also very good, beautiful atmosphere.
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