2015 Electric Heating Massage Mattress tourmaline Stone Mattress beauty Mattress Therapy spa,Tourmaline Mat For Sale 0.7X1.6M

2015 Electric Heating Massage Mattress tourmaline Stone Mattress beauty Mattress Therapy spa,Tourmaline Mat For Sale 0.7X1.6M
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Oписание продукта

Product features
1. Beautiful and easy, wide applicable people.
2. Intelligent design, built-in nine high frequency massage ball.
3. By pressing parts of key control corresponding to a set of massage ball, realize the personalized combination massage.
4. Double design, meet different aesthetic demand.
5. Can ease the discomfort, relieve pain, eliminate fatigue, make body and mind relax quickly.
6. Promote the human body meridian patency and enhance the vitality of cells and immunity, improve the self-regulation of the brain.
7. Can accelerate the blood circulation, increase the cell oxygen, to improve the anemia, poor circulation has good auxiliary function.
8. Often use can promote human body endocrine, enhance skin elasticity, improve sleep and digestion ability has certain help.
9. Adopt international standard external power adapter, safe and reliable.
Product reviews
1. To realize simulation vibration kneading, pounding, shiatsu, massage wait for all sorts of ways.
2. Imported high quality motor, stronger vibration, lower noise, and similar products durable than domestic motor.
3. Advanced double-sided fabrics, wear-resisting to bear or endure dirty, sewing a finer, feel is more thick, the overall image.
4. Packaging is different from the domestic brands of similar products on the market, beautifully printed, gift giving and generous.
5. Many cixin thick than comparable massage mattress, suitable for large weight, or like lying people use for a long time.
6. Easy to carry and can be used for sofa, chair, bed, etc.
Scope of application
1. The waist pain, old age disabled people
2. The people sitting at work
3. Drive people
Luxury multi-functional microcomputer massage mattress, on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory and modern electronic technology design, in the human body meridians concentration of neck, back and waist, legs set up multiple sets of motor vibration system, controlled by the microcomputer control system, rapidly solve the sore and ache all over, broken down into many parts massage, massage whole body fatigue, convenient and comprehensive function, manual controller; Simulated massage law: the five kinds of traditional massage in kneading, pounding, shiatsu, roll, scratches, repeated the back waist place such as the body good stimulation, make the meridian points and local hyperaemia, increase the blood circulation, relieve fatigue; Let you when use can feel whole body seemed to put in a kind of pulse wave, and can the be fond of according to you choose vibration intensity and the frequency. Through a variety of massage, can make your body relax, as soon as possible to eliminate fatigue, to the best state in a very short time fitness, can fully enjoy the pleasure of she bring you health.
Function characteristics:
1, the strength and massaging the rhythm can be adjusted
2, massage cushion can be used for homes, offices, and beauty, hairdressing, foot bath business premises;
3, massage the whole body meridians, and the body meridian clear;
4, promote the blood circulation, increase skin beauty;
5, regulating metabolism, to achieve a balance of Yin and Yang;
6, to eliminate waist sour backache, relieve fatigue;
7, physical therapy health care massage, the treatment of chronic diseases;
8, the treatment of neurasthenia, relieve mental stress
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